This is Sparta!


Troop 240 was lucky to have the 2015 Fall Camporee in our own back yard at Camp Niantic.  This year’s theme was “A Journey to History” and we joined with Troop 7 of East Lyme to represent the time period of Spartan rule.

Unfortunately, it rained really hard when we first arrived…prior to pitching our tents.   This led to an unfortunate situation where most of our gear was wet.  Although we weren’t able to make a camp fire, and rain was coming down in buckets, we huddled under a pop-up tent and enjoyed each others company.

The following day, the sky was clear and the sun was shining.  We were given many choices for what we could do while we were there such as hatchet throwing and using a two-person saw at the pioneer camp,  eating beans, bending ten-penny nails into rings and using a hot iron to burn cool designs into wood at the wild west camp, playing Kan Jam at the Spartan camp, or just tossing a Football.  It turned out to be a great time! – Max F. (Tenderfoot)

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