Got Cabin Fever? Open your mind, open your door……

Time to take those skills you’ve learned in Scouting and put them to good use! As you maintain social distancing, the best place to be is still OUTSIDE! Here are some suggestions to keep us from going stir-crazy inside.

Time to take those skills you’ve learned in Scouting and put them to good use!  As you maintain social distancing, the best place to be is still OUTSIDE! Here are some suggestions to keep us from going stir-crazy inside. Plus, your family will get a kick out of seeing you practice these skills and perhaps, you can pass along the knowledge using the E.D.G.E. method.   

Show off those fire-starting skills – Can you build a one-match fire?  Better yet, do you have the skills to start a fire with flint and steel….or a bow drill?  If you have a fire pit and fire bucket….this would be a perfect opportunity to do some s’moring with your family, sing campfire songs, tell ghost stories…or just enjoy each other’s company.

Pitch a tent in the backyard. Sure mom and dad can help you put that tent together but do you have the know-how to assemble yourself?  Most scouts are familiar with a Eureka Timberline tent and know what a “dogbone” is… but not all tents are created equally.  Great opportunity to learn something new and have a backyard adventure of your own…or with siblings.

Take a hike. Fresh air and the peace of nature are just what we needed in this time of uncertainty.  Time to print out a trail map, grab your compass or GPS, walking stick and show your family the orienteering skills you have learned! 

Locally, we have Rocky Neck State Park, Oswegatchie Nature Preserve, the Richard H. Goodwin Trail, Bluff Point State Park, or the John Lohman Preserve in Old Lyme…location of our Eagle Scout, Alec Russell’s reflection benches overlooking the CT River.  Here is a list of some of the best hiking trails in CT.

Dutch oven/campfire cooking – Do you have a cast iron dutch oven that doesn’t get much action? Time to stoke up charcoal and prepare a delicious campfire meal for the family!  While our troop has a VERY BIG binder of paper recipes, there are plenty of resources online to stoke the ideas.

Practice your lashings/knots …build a useful camp gadget. Do your parents need you to clean out the first floor gutters and you don’t have a secure ladder? Not enough camp chairs for a fireside chat? Looking to build a tripod to support your teepee for an overnight campout?  Put the knot-tying/lashing skills to use and make it fun.  Bring the family in on the action.  All you need is some fallen timber, staves or broomsticks, and a spool of twine or paracord.

Geocaching or letterboxing course in your yard/neighborhood – A compass, GPS or even phone along (not required for letterboxing) along with some basic things that can be found around the house can be put to use to design a simple treasure hunt to pass the time.  Definitely need some family participation for this one…otherwise it won’t be much of a hunt. 😊

Rain Barrel and Water Conservation Festival

On October 20, 2018, 10:00a.m. to 3:00pm at Perennial Harmony, 144 Boston Post Rd, East Lyme, CT 06333, Eastern Connecticut Conservation District is holding a build-a-rain-barrel festival.

Project Rain Barrel

Join us to celebrate healthy water and water conservation. Hosted by Petie Reed of Perennial Harmony and organized by an Eagle Scout prospect, the Eastern Connecticut Conservation District (ECCD) is sponsoring this event to raise awareness about the need to protect and conserve our shared water resources. The event will feature live music and free refreshments, but more importantly, local conservation organizations will be there to raise awareness about the many issues facing local waterways including the Niantic River and Long Island Sound.

The event is also supported by The Rivers Network and Coca-Cola, which have generously donated 20 rain barrel conversion kits and 40 rain barrels. Funding is provided by the Long Island Sound Futures Fund, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Niantic often experiences water shortages during the summer months, so this is the perfect opportunity for you to build a rain barrel and conserve water at home. Whereas demand is high and we have only 40 free rain barrels to give away, you must contact Dan Mullins to reserve one. Of course, you must also attend the event on October 20th to build your rain barrel and bring it home.
Dan Mullins’ contact info: Email is preferred: ; but phone works too: 860-319-8808.

Walk to End Homelessness

Boy Scout Troop 240 has a special relationship with the Homeless Hospitality Center of New London. While the boys help to prepare and sometimes serve the meals at the shelter, there is so much more to do!

The Boy Scout motto is “do a good turn daily“. Please consider supporting us in our Walk to End Homelessness. The money raised goes not only to sheltering and feeding the existing tenants, but also resources to end the cycle of homelessness for all. We thank you for your generosity!

Support our Walk

Tour of Air National Guard Base

Thanks to the hard work of one of our incoming Webelos and dedicated Master Sergeant and resident of East Lyme, Troop 240 had an amazing opportunity to visit the 103rd Airlift Wing Air National Guard base at Bradley International Airport in June.  The tour of the base included boarding a C-130 “Hercules” transport plane, sitting in the cockpit, testing their pilot skills in the flight simulator, and watching the emergency response units perform their magic.  An added bonus was to meet at least 3 Eagle Scouts along the way, who are now serving our country through the ANG.  This was all quite impressive, and we would like to convey our thanks to each and every person we met.

The Boy Scouts of America is based on key values such as Duty to Country, and 12 points of the scout law, which includes loyalty, bravery, and reverence.  What better way to embrace these concepts, than to tour the base!


A new Eagle in the ranks!

Congratulations to our newest Eagle Scout, Clayton Cushing!

Clayton - Eagle picClayton has been an active member of Cub/Boy Scouts for over 12 years.  During that time, he has embraced the core values of Boy Scouts of America and has been a dedicated scout, student, athlete, and community member in East Lyme.  A pivotal experience in his scouting career was the summer before freshman year when Clay was nominated senior patrol leader for 25 fellow scouts at the 2013 National Jamboree at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia.  This role gave him a good understanding of what it takes to lead and motivate your peers, especially in a new and challenging environment. Over the past couple years, Clay has served as senior patrol leader in our troop as well.  Clayton’s Eagle project involved building a handicap accessible ramp at the American Legion – Post 128 in Niantic, CT.  Considering the honorable service of our veterans and their commitment to the scouting program, it seemed only fitting that Clay give back to the Legion.

Troop 240, family members and close friends will be celebrating the Eagle Court of Honor on Sunday, March 12, 2017 (2:00PM) at the American Legion.  Thanks to all the scout leaders, his parents, teachers and community members who have helped to make this happen!

Fall 2016 – Court of Honor


Congratulations to the Boy Scouts of Troop 240 for all the merit badges and rank advancements this Fall!  A productive week at summer camp and active participation in the scouting program over the past 6 months resulted in 22 merit badges earned and rank advancement for 7 scouts…including the final Eagle required merit badge for one of our senior scouts.  Nice work, boys!  “Let them eat cake.”

Scouts Honor our Fallen Soldiers

Every year, the Boy Scouts of Troop 240 in East Lyme honor the memory of our fallen soldiers and uphold the true meaning of Memorial Day.  This year, we welcomed scouts from Troop 7 for our flag ceremony at Union Cemetery marking the gravestones of U.S. servicemen and women who died in combat as well as those veterans who dutifully served our country in the armed forces.

The scouts also had an opportunity to participate in a candlelight vigil on the town green to honor these great heroes…reading poems, lighting luminaries and handing out candles to the participants.   These young men set a shining example for our great town of East Lyme!

Snow Tubing Adventures

snowtubing (21 of 21)It was a nice day outside when Troop 240 gathered together, ready to have fun. On the steep snow-layered hills of Powder Ridge Park the troop and some Webelos scouts from Pack 24 could see the people zipping down the lanes of smooth snow in large, flat tubes. The temperature hit unexpected highs with a beautiful sun glaring upon the landscape. The park has snow machines, so the warm weather didn’t interrupt the snow tubing. After the troop had gotten their tickets to go, they started to march over to the tubing hill trudging through muddy trails. Once the scouts got there they dragged our tubes uphill and waited to speed down the snowy hill. Afterward, the boys enjoyed a cup of cocoa in the lodge and headed back in the carpool, satisfied with their tubing adventures of speeding down hills. – Langston C. (Tenderfoot)

This is Sparta!


Troop 240 was lucky to have the 2015 Fall Camporee in our own back yard at Camp Niantic.  This year’s theme was “A Journey to History” and we joined with Troop 7 of East Lyme to represent the time period of Spartan rule.

Unfortunately, it rained really hard when we first arrived…prior to pitching our tents.   This led to an unfortunate situation where most of our gear was wet.  Although we weren’t able to make a camp fire, and rain was coming down in buckets, we huddled under a pop-up tent and enjoyed each others company.

The following day, the sky was clear and the sun was shining.  We were given many choices for what we could do while we were there such as hatchet throwing and using a two-person saw at the pioneer camp,  eating beans, bending ten-penny nails into rings and using a hot iron to burn cool designs into wood at the wild west camp, playing Kan Jam at the Spartan camp, or just tossing a Football.  It turned out to be a great time! – Max F. (Tenderfoot)

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